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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium focus for current Academic Year 2018/2019

This is a summary from the above full document:

We have allocated our pupil premium this academic year in the following ways:

  • Part time teacher providing targeted intervention
  • Teaching assistants working 1:1/small groups or in class to support identified pupils
  • Emotional Literacy Support Assistants providing targeted support to identified children
  • Provision of a part-time Parent Support Advisor to support our families.
  • Provision of Library club before school and at break times

Review of Pupil Premium Expenditure for Academic Year 2017/2018

This is a summary from the main report which can be downloaded above:

Chosen Approach Estimated Impact Cost
Part time teacher delivering intervention Addressing misconceptions following on from lessons was good. £5509
Additional TA support  to support additional needs, intervention implemented.  Able to focus on misconceptions £18690
Emotional Literacy Support Provided children with time to talk about feelings/worries/concerns and has tried to find a way of removing barriers to their learning £3325
Nurture Support This approach is dependant on needs of children and less need than predicted this year so less spent than budgeted £950
Parent Support Advisor Feedback from parents has been positive £2313
Library Club to promote inclusion Popular with pupils & parents, allowing children to mix.  Impacted on community coheasion and supported reluctant readers £2298


Previous Academic Years

Our reports for previous Academic Years 2016/2017 and 2015/2016 can be downloaded below.  Please contact the office if you would like further information.

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