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Term 3- Tudors

This term we have been learning all about the Tudors. We've learned how to make timelines and all about the lives of the Tudor monarchs. We've enjoyed some of Shakespeare's stories- Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.

We've been getting hands-on with activities like stitching a Tudor rose, acting from playscripts and investigating the properties of rocks in science.

Learning like the Tudors- writing in Latin using goose quill dipping pens!



No spellings for the end of term- hooray!

Snowy Owls Term 2- Chocolate & Europe

In term, we learned about chocolate and our European neighbours. We learned how chocolate is made, enjoyed some Roald Dahl, discovered how adverts persuade us and designed our own chocolate bars.

We also learned all about our European neighbours, practicing some map skills in the process!

Here are some links for ours topics:

Cadbury's World resources:


Roald Dahl's website:



Our trip to Devizes Museum


Snowy Owls Term 1- Vikings & Anglo Saxons

This term, we learned about the Anglo-Saxons- a tribe that settled in England, taking over from the Britons. We also learned about the Vikings- fierce raiders who attacked, looted and burned but eventually ended up settling and making homes in England.

Here are some links you might find interesting:

BBC Bitesize Vikings:


Jorvik Viking Centre:


BBC Bitesize Anglo-Saxons:



Useful Documents:

Here are some documents you might find useful:

Snowy Owls 2020-21: End of Year Open Classroom Video

Snowy Owls WW1.mp4
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