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                                                                         Our Senco is Matthew Slinn.
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Here you will find details of the School SEN Information Report and the SEN Policy. 

Definition of SEND

How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

This is achieved through high quality planning and quality first teaching. This includes children who are very able, may have an additional need or have a special educational need. Some children may require more focused support, and additional adults may be used to provide support where appropriate. Children who are more able will be challenged through effective differentiation in class and a programme of gifted and talented in school and external workshops. Some children may have additional needs which may require short term interventions or some additional support. Some children who have a special educational need may require a Personalised Education Plan to support their learning and enable them to access the curriculum. Children are assessed under an ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ model. For more information on this, please speak to our SENCO Mr Matthew Slinn.

Who can I talk to, and how, if I am not happy with what or how my child is learning?

The first point of contact for parents or carers is always your child’s class teacher.

Parents and carers are encouraged to speak informally to teachers after the school day, or request a formal appointment.

Class teachers also hold formal Parent Consultation Evenings three times a year.

Additional points of contact are:

SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator): Mr Matthew Slinn

Head teacher: Mrs Sue Tudge

What is the level of support my child can get both in and out of the classroom?

The support your child receives will be tailored to their needs, through differentiated teaching, use of additional adults and personalised intervention programmes, including a provision for gifted and talented children in school and external workshops.

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