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Hi!  I'm Mr Slinn, the Eagle Owl class teacher.  Feel free to browse our class page; it will be updated as the year progresses.  On this page you will find the bi-termly curriculum letter; the termly homework sheets; termly spelling lists; as well as photos linked to our learning. 

Weekly spellings.

Here are the termly spelling lists for both year groups.  They are broken down into weekly spellings.  The children will be tested on their spellings every Friday.

Science - using circuits.

In science, we have been making circuits.  We have been experimenting how the number of wires effects the brightness of the bulb.  We then wanted to find out how the number of cells affected the bulb brightness.  We also used our knowledge of simple circuits to create our own 'scribble bots'.

Art: work inspired by J.M.W Turner.

We've been looking at the work of J.M.W Turner.  We experimented with the wet-on-wet technique and then created our own wintery watercolour pictures.

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