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Welcome to Owlets

Mrs Dixon is the teacher for Owlets class.  Our class is a mixture of reception and year one children.  All of the children have a natural desire to explore and learn and we aim to support their learning by creating an enabling environment which is engaging, active and appropriate.  Our reception children's stages of learning and development is tracked using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, whilst our year one children's learning and development will be in accordance with the National Curriculum.

Playing, Exploring, Learning in Owlets
Home learning and information

Help with pencil control and handwriting 

 Name activities for home

Dough Disco

In Owlets class we love Dough Disco. Dough Disco is a great activity for helping us to develop our fine motor skills. It strengthens the muscles in our hands and develops our hand-eye co-ordination which will later enable us to hold a pencil correctly and use it effectively. These are essential skills that we need to later be able to write.

How to Make Play Dough - Easy No Cook Recipe!


Dough Disco to Incy Wincy Spider Nursery Rhyme


Playdough song - If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing!

Dough Disco - Twinkle twinkle little star

Playdough gym and movements to help fine motor skills!

Reading with your child

The Wonders of Nature - Summer Term

Letters and Sounds

We have a phonics lesson everyday. We learn how to sound out single letters (phonemes) and digraphs (two letters that make one sound) and trigraphs (3 letters that make a sound)  We identify words that have particular sounds in and practise reading and writing them. Once we have learned the words, we practise using them in sentences.

Please click on the link below to help you with the pronunciation of letter sounds, digraphs and trigraphs we teach at school.


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