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Our topic in Term 3 is the Tudors. We're learning all about the Tudor family, including the famous 6 wives of Henry VIII. We'll be working on a range of creative projects to go along with our history. We're also learning about William Shakespeare and exploring an adaptation of Macbeth.

In Term 2 our topic was Outer Space. Our classroom was transformed into the surface of the moon! We learned about all the different planets, the space race and about new technologies being used to take us further into the stars. We enjoyed an evening of astronomy, had a visit from the Science Dome and had the privilege of meeting NASA commander Steve Swanson, who has spent months aboard the ISS.


Our theme for Term 1 was the Vikings. We learned where the Vikings came from, why they invaded Great Britain and also about the Anglo-Saxons who were living here already.

We did activities like metal detecting, investigating different sources and practicing a Viking shield wall using shields we built.


Curriculum Letter & Home Learning.

Our overall theme for this term is the Tudors.

Below, please find a copy of our homework sheet and a curriculum letter outlining learning focuses for the term.

As a reminder, children should pick one activity per week from the homework sheet and should aim to have it in for Thursday- this gives me time to mark it and return it for the weekend.

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