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Learning in Snowy Owls

In term 1 we learned all about the First World War. Our classroom was transformed into a replica trench from the western front, complete with sandbags, barbed wire, mud and of course an infestation of rats!

We did a range of WW1 activities including making Brodie helmets, designing shoebox trenches, making trench periscopes and a whole lot more!

We capped things off with a fantastic WW1 theme day with some brilliant costumes.


Term 2 got off to a spooky start after we dug up a haunted chest. We had some pretty scary things happening in the classroom until we broke the lock and the chest opened with a puff of smoke! The box had some pretty interesting contents...


Curriculum Letter & Home Learning.

The curriculum letter below outlines topics and objectives for learning in Snowy Owls this term.

Our homework is pick and mix- you can choose a different activity every week.

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