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Welcome to Snowy Owls!

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About Snowy Owls

Here are our topics for this year.

Learning in Snowy Owls

Term 1:

In Term 1 we learned all about life in Neolithic Britain. We made Stone Age houses using saws and glue guns, designed our own Stone Age jewellery and made Neolithic pottery!

Term 2:

Enterprise was the theme of the term leading up to Christmas. The class organised themselves into teams and were given a budget to design something for sale. At the end of the term, we had a very succesful sale and raised more than £30 which we donated to charity!

Term 3:

In the upcoming term, we'll be learning about the Roman invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar and studying the habitats of different animals.

Curriculum Letter

The curriculum letter below outlines topics and objectives for learning in Snowy Owls this term.

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