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Learning in Snowy Owls

In term 1 we learned all about the First World War. Our classroom was transformed into a replica trench from the western front, complete with sandbags, barbed wire, mud and of course an infestation of rats!

We did a range of WW1 activities including making Brodie helmets, designing shoebox trenches, making trench periscopes and a whole lot more!

We capped things off with a fantastic WW1 theme day with some brilliant costumes.


Term 2 got off to a spooky start after we dug up a haunted chest. We had some pretty scary things happening in the classroom until we broke the lock and the chest opened with a puff of smoke! The box had some pretty interesting contents...


Term 3 took us to America, where we learned all about the history and geography of the United States.

We made cornbread, built models of the Mayflower, prospected for gold, built lollystick saloons, sang traditional songs and much more!

We also made a range of different musical instruments in our science topic.


The Mayflower was the name of the ship some of the first settlers in America travelled on.


As well as making instruments in class, we had some brilliant designs come in as homework!

Term 4 had us learning about chocolate. We read both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as the Great Glass Elevator. We learned about cacao trees and tasted some raw cacao. We studied chocolate advertising and filmed our own adverts and finished the term by designing, making (and quickly eating!) our own chocolate bars.


Our theme for term 5 was Harry Potter. We shared the story of the Philosopher's Stone, made our own wands, wrote with quills like the students at Hogwarts, got sorted into houses and more! We're continuing the topic in Term 6 with the Chamber of Secrets.

Curriculum Letter & Home Learning.

We're continuing our Harry Potter theme in term 6.

The curriculum letter below outlines topics and objectives for learning in Snowy Owls this term.

Our homework is pick and mix- you can choose a different activity every week.

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