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Welcome to Little Hoots

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Take a peek at some of the things we did during the Autumn Term

Spring Term

 Child-initiated play is the best way for children to learn to enable them to develop their curiosity, concentration, creativity, problem solving skills and to enable them to use their imaginations.   So whilst we predominantly follow the children's lead, and recognise their individual stages of development, there are some key aspects of development that we will be encouraging through play and circle-time activities.  Please see 'Little Hoots Spring Term Curriculum Letter' to find out more. 

This term story telling skills will be developed using the traditional stories of 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'

Handa's Surprise


How we learn

Hello my name is Claire Sutton and I am the teacher in Little Hoots Nursery. Children develop quickly during their early years. It is our aim at Little Hoots to do all we can to give the children the best possible start in life and prepare them for their upcoming transition to school.  We recognise that children learn best when they feel valued and secure in their environment.  

At this stage of their development play-based learning is key.  We provide a wide variety of resources and opportunities to encourage the holistic development of the children, paying particular attention to their communication skills; personal, social and emotional development; and their physical development.  We monitor the children's stages of learning and development using the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  To find out more about how your children learn and develop in accordance with the EYFS, take a look at the attached '4children parents guide to the EYFS' booklet. It explains what to expect at different stages of development and provides ideas to support learning at home.  We are one team, working together, learning together and succeeding together.

Autumn Term

 We strive to ensure  all of the children feel safe and secure at Little Hoots by enabling them to learn the class routines and expectations. We give them lots of time to become familiar with the staff and the setting.  We want the children to feel happy and confident  to explore all areas of the nursery both indoors and outdoors.  During this term we pay particular attention to their personal, social and emotional skills, for example, by encouraging them to make new friendships and supporting them in being able to manage conflicts and negotiations independently.  

This term we will be developing the children's story telling skills by using the stories of 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'The Hungry Caterypillar'.

Take a peek at some of the things we did during the Spring Term

Summer Term

We have welcomed a new intake of young nursery children this term.  Our priority for these children will be to make them feel welcome, safe and secure in their new environment and for them to learn the class routines and expectations. With our older children we will continue to strive to give them all of the skills they need to make a good start in their reception year at school.  As part of this transition work, the children will meet our reception teacher Mrs O'Callaghan and have a number of opportunities to play and explore in Owlets class and outdoor learning area before they start in September.  

This term we will be developing our story tellings skills using the stories 'Handa's Surprise' and 'There was an old lady who swallowed a fly'.

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